Synthwave Vibes

NIÁLEE, otherwise known as Anna Eláine, is a an indie electronic artist who dabbles in the echoey chambers of emotion. 
 Through her own trials, tribulations, and copious heartbreaks, she began writing music at age 14, and began producing at age 16. At 17, she had hundreds of unreleased songs and two albums that were never completed. She ultimately decided to go under the name “NIÁLEE”, or Eláine, her middle name, rearranged. 
 The Louisville, Kentucky native produced and released two singles, “The Photograph” and “Better Days” during her time in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. She started off 2021 with a bang by releasing her first indietronica single, “Eastwest”, gaining her recognition from both her hometown community and TikTok. Following the success of “Eastwest”, she released her first EP publicly, “Pandemonium”, during her second semester of college. She plans on releasing more later this year.

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