Happy Pop Vibes

Hi, I'm Jordan! When I was 16, I started making music on GarageBand with my mom's old laptop, a headset mic, and a sock. Thankfully, I grew out of that stage and began taking music much more seriously about 2 years ago (when I turned 19). I wish I could say that there was some crazy reason I started writing music, but life has always been very plain and simple for me. There wasn't a breakup or a big event in my life that inspired my passion for music. I'm just a college kid living with this BIG dream of a better tomorrow...and through my music, I want to share that dream with you! In every song I write, my goal is to bring a sense of hope and comfort to those who listen. Instead of writing about things like money, sex, and sadness, I want my music to spread hope to a world that desperately needs it...and I hope you want that too. Also, I'm releasing a song every other week for the rest of 2021, so keep an eye out for all the new music headed your way!