CJ Vana

Founder and CEO

CJ Vana founded Cloud Pop Records in early April of 2021. CJ was an independent artist for five years before he decided to take a different path in life. He created Cloud Pop in the hopes that it would be something many other record label are not. Fair for musicians. Throughout his music career, CJ had many conversation with record labels big and small, and they all wanted to own: 1. The rights to do whatever they pleased with his music, 2: Creative control over artist image, songwriting, and personal image, and 3. Sixty-five to eighty percent of all royalties CJ rightfully earned. CJ created Cloud Pop differently. Cloud Pop gives every artist eighty percent of what they rightfully earn whether that be royalties, merch sales, or concert ticket sales. This has been a dream come true for CJ and his staff and their goal is to change the way record labels are run and they way record labels are viewed by the music community as a whole.