Carley Carpenter

Lush Pop Sounds

Pop music should be fun. It should wash away the bad taste of former lovers and drive your dancing feet out onto the club floor, fists pumping, body fluid and grooving. Synths slap in glassy, rainbow-cut waves, and you drown in a euphoric tinge of weekend regret. Carley Carpenter’s “Unloved You”… sparkles with synth-y effervescence and a sly vocal turn. “It’s an ode to a love I let go because I wanted to pursue different dreams,” the San Francisco transplant writes... The question hangs in the air, drifting on an airstream of acoustics that ring through a synthetic makeup. Carpenter’s brand of pop doesn’t rely on roots of country music. Rather, such a sturdy base permits her to color well outside the lines (see: the brash-toothed “Lion”) and unlock a more lush potential… Carpenter, who explores a dirtier, more languid pop sound with “Wild to Love,” took her frequent Paris work trips as a makeshift songwriting retreat… While she leans heavily into guitar-slinging, her craft exhibiting great promise, she has begun dabbling in production work.